Business Consulting Solutions


EBS Global provides a range of Business Consulting Solutions in approximately 15 African countries where we are able to assist companies grow their employees, recruit talent, or screen their new or existing staff across multiple countries. We have seen the value we are adding to our clients and the positive difference we are making through these partnerships and the work we are doing.

Training and Induction Programs


EBS Global has designed and delivered world class induction training for global financial services and Fintech companies across 12 African countries. We work closely with our clients in each country where we deliver the training and ensure we are making a positive difference to their staff and empowering the performance of their people.

The need for these inductions have often come about through mergers and acquisitions or the growth of our clients into new markets in Africa. We are proud of the partnerships we have formed and continue to expand our portfolio of experience across the continent. Our programs cover a broad range of frameworks depending on the clients needs and can be tailored to include any of their requirements.

Below is a rough guideline of what will typically be covered in one of our programs, all of which may be replaced by other content.

Induction Program Overview

Employee Background Checks


In South Africa, EBS Global is able to assist its clients with over 200 candidate background checks including Criminal, Credit, Employment History, CCMA cases, ID, Drivers licence to name a few. Please call us for a full list.
Within Africa, the following checks may be conducted for our clients throughout 15 African countries excluding South Africa.

Employee Screening & Assessments


EBS Global assists many of its clients with bulk interviews and assessment projects for both SA and Africa. The interviews consist of competency based style interview technique with the emphasis on performance, ability, skills and culture fit. Our interviewing technique is highly efficient and accurate in its results.