Human Resources


EBS Global offers a range of high performance people solutions to our clients. We focus on developing human capital within organisations from middle management right through to senior and executive management. We encourage you to explore our high performance solutions below and feel free to get in contact to discuss how we can work together with you to implement these solutions within your organisation. We offer a range of innovative and flexible packages to genuinely grow & develop your human capital and ultimately your bottom line.


Psychometric Testing & Behavioural Assessments


EBS Global has carefully selected a superior range of high quality and globally recognized psychometric tests which we are fortunate enough to offer to our clients across Africa through our local partners. Our selection of assessments cover the full spectrum of an employees Cognitive-Ability (thinking & reasoning), Personality-Type, key Motivational factors and Emotional Intelligence. All of these assessments are offered online and are highly recommended as part of a holistic approach to recruitment at the managerial and executive levels, personal development and succession planning within organisations.

Cognitive Assessments

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory | HBRI

Cognitive ability-strategic and tactical thinking | Ability to evaluate sets of data | Decision making ability | Predicts occupational success | Problem solving ability


Measures reasoning ability designed to predict real world performance, by evaluating tactical and strategic reasoning with actual business related problems.

30-40 minute online assessment


Cognitive Process Profile | CPP

Thinking processes and cognitive preferences | Current and potential performance | Learning potential | Problem solving style


Identifies an individual's ideal work environment, learning potential and developmental needs.

1-3 hour online assessment


Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional Quotient Inventory | EQ-I 2.0

Self-perception | Self-expression | Interpersonal | Decision making | Stress management | Well-being indication


To scientifically measure emotional intelligence, the set of emotional and social skill that influence the way people perceive and express themselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.


Motives and Values Assessment

Motive, Values and Preferences Inventory | MVPI

Interests | motives | Drivers | Motivation


Identifies employees motivational factors, preferred working environment, job and position type and where they will be most happy and productive.

30 minute online assessment


Personality Assessments

Hogan Personality Inventory | HPI

Leadership style | Leadership behaviours | Leadership competencies | How we relate to others


Assists to identify the right candidate during the selection process or to develop stronger leaders, by assessing normal personality. It provides valuable insight into how people work, leadership style, and how successful they are likely to be.

15-20 minute online assessment

This-asessment-is-effective-for-selection,-development,-and-coaching-purposes,-seccession-planning-and-when-recruiting-high-performance talent

Hogan Development Survey | HDS

Derailment characteristics | Behavioural problems | Negative tendencies


Provide professionals with information on potential behaviours that may disrupt relationships, damage reputations and derail individuals. It assists organisations to identify and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem.

15-20 minute online assessment

This-asessment-is-effective-for-selection,-development,-and-coaching-purposes,-seccession-planning-and-when-recruiting-high-performance talent

Behavioural assessments


Shadow Match

Shadow Match is a highly sophisticated online assessment which identifies the strength or weaknesses of an individuals behavioural habits in the workplace. The assessment matches potential employees or existing employees against a benchmark of individuals who are already considered high performing individuals in a particular job function, and in a specific team environment.

Once the online assessment is completed the individual and the employer will receive a feedback report highlighting these behavioural traits. These can then be matched against the benchmark samples and an accurate assessment can be made as to the success of that individual should they be employed in a specific role.

You can also use the tool to build teams with the right combination of behavioural traits. Shadow match is a tool that can be used for recruitment, realignment of skills in organisations and personal development. EBS Global are qualified administrators of the shadow Match online assessment and assist our clients with managing these assessments.

These are some of the benefits for your Business:

  • • Make accurate placements
    • Reduce staff turnover
    • Reduce training time
    • Develop staff towards top performance
    • Empower managers
    • Create optimal teams
    • Scientific succession planning
    • Administrate employee development
    • Understand relationships
    • Understand poor performers

Job Analysis & Job Profiling


EBS Global can assist organisations with mapping out company organograms, analyzing the right skill sets needed in the business, profiling those requirements and then accurately drawing up job descriptions to meet the company needs.

Often companies don't know what skills they need, or why they are even hiring someone. When companies hire someone they are not always sure why they are hiring a certain skill set and they often inherit employees that are not correctly aligned to the business's needs.

At EBS Global, we will assist you with drawing up accurate organograms. We will assess your skill sets needed, ensure there is no overlap or duplication of skill sets and thereby create greater efficiency and cost savings. Once this is done, we will draw up accurate job descriptions and advise and assist with the recruitment process to ensure the right skills are brought into the business.

Payroll Outsourcing & Tax Consulting


Payroll Outsourcing Services
EBS Global provides a holistic payroll solution, that is mutually beneficial to both the employer, and employee. Services include the below mentioned.

  • • Preparation of the payroll on a monthly basis
    • Furnishing salary advices to employees
    • Electronic payment of net salaries to individual employees
    • Providing detailed reports of earnings, deductions and leave
    • Calculation of amounts due for PAYE, SDL and UIF
    • Issuing of IRP5s at tax year-end
    • Calculating the payroll taxes
    • Advise on the amount payable to the SARS in respect of PAYE and SITE
    • Prepare the annual IRP5 returns of employees who have been administered on the payroll during the tax year
    • Manage communication from the SARS and other institutions relating to the payroll
    • Submit reports to assist with returns received from the Compensation Commissioner
    • Advise of the amount payable to the UIF, and submit the UIF report to this Fund
    • Advise of the amount payable to the SARS in respect of Skills Levy.

Corporate tax services for private companies
EBS Global resources derive key insight from its corporate tax division, specialising in gaining an in-depth understanding of your business and the core tax issues that impact it. We offer tax advice, ideas and services with the benefit of specialist knowledge across a broad range of industries and markets. We leverage our experience to ensure you are able to understand and manage your tax obligations in the following critical areas:

  • • Tax computations and tax returns
    • Tax implications of specific transactions
    • Corporate restructuring
    • Share incentive schemes
    • Secondary Tax
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Provisional tax
    • Transaction consulting services
    • Public Benefit Organisations
    • Tax management consulting
    • Government incentives
    • Indirect tax
    • HRS - PAYE
    • Income tax
    • Employees tax
    • VAT

Personal tax
We can assist you with more than just your company tax obligations. As your dedicated trusted business advisors, we can offer you advice on your personal taxation affairs, as well as your personal asset protection. We can offer you advice in relation to:

  • • Strategic tax planning
    • Investment structures
    • Retirement planning
    • Remuneration strategies.