At EBS Global we believe in partnering with our clients to properly understand their strategic, financial and operational needs prior to commencing any assignment. We provide a quality recruitment service where every candidate is rigorously screened on their competencies and abilities prior to submitting them to our clients.

Specialist Recruitment Areas


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Candidate Screening


Our candidates go through a rigorous screening process which ensures our high level of successful placements and very low number of candidate fall-offs. We head-hunt suitable candidates specifically for our clients based on their detailed requirements and work together with our clients with a common objective at all times. It is this sincere attitude and genuine desire to deliver the best talent to our clients which has won their attention and gained their loyalty.

Recruitment Process

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Executive Interviews


EBS Global has significant experience with screening, assessing and interviewing Executives and Senior Managers across Africa. We design and tailor competency based interview templates for the specific purpose in each case.


How accurate are these interviews?

The process is very thorough, and can often last up to 1.5 hours so the results are very accurate. Our estimation is in the region of 95% accurate. In most cases we will combine the interview with one or more of the psychometric assessments below to gain a more holistic view of the individual and their strengths and abilities prior to making our final recommendations.
* All Executive assignments are on an exclusive basis only.

Employee Background Checks


In South Africa, EBS Global is able to assist its clients with over 200 candidate background checks including Criminal, Credit, Employment History, CCMA cases, ID, Drivers licence to name a few. Please call us for a full list.
Within Africa, the following checks may be conducted for our clients throughout 15 African countries excluding South Africa.

Employee Screening & Assessments


EBS Global assists many of its clients with bulk interviews and assessment projects for both SA and Africa. The interviews consist of competency based style interview technique with the emphasis on performance, ability, skills and culture fit. Our interviewing technique is highly efficient and accurate in its results.


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